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Know your responsibilities as a Brown Scapular wearer

The brown scapular requires you to have some familiarity with Carmelite spirituality and its practices. For example, Carmelites live a life of prayer and penance, and they focus on building virtue. They also regularly attend Mass and receive communion, meditate on Scripture, and remain devoted to the Blessed Mother.

If you wear the brown scapular, which is a habit of the Carmelite order, even if you are not enrolled in the Scapular Confraternity, you still have responsibilities.

You can learn these responsibilities through a handy checklist that you can purchase right here. 👇

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Focus on the Positive and the Negative
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Focus on the Positive and the Negative

We live in a world of distractions, temptations, and pleasures. It is a battle to keep our focus on God and look at Him as our ultimate source of all things. We run the risk of becoming despondent in relation to how slow we perceive our relationship with God progressing. St. Teresa of Avila provided some advice on how to approach this issue in one of her letters and laid out ways to fix this despondence.

  • Andrew Gniadek
    Andrew Gniadek
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