Cookie Policy

We use cookies with visitors to this website. We put together this cookie policy so you can understand what cookies are, how we use them, and how you can manage cookie tracking through our site and others.

1. What Is A Cookie?

Cookies come in a few different forms, but are usually small text files that are stored in the browser directory or program data area of the device you are using to access the internet. The cookies usually have an identification number of some sort, which corresponds to a similar ID tag logged by the company issuing the cookie that can be used to gather information on how you use a site and so on.

2. How We Use Cookies.

We use cookies in a number of different ways for both your and our benefit.

a. For Your Benefit. We use cookies to simplify administrative functions for you. For example, we use a cookie to identify you and automatically log you into our member area instead of forcing you to re-enter information each time you visit the site. We may also use cookies to identify specific aspects of your use of the site so we can determine what subjects are of interest to our members so we can create further offerings in that area.

b. For Our Benefit. Our primary use of cookies is to analyze our website and improve it based on how you and other visitors use it. For example, if we offer three features through the site, and the vast majority of people only use two of the features, we can tailor our future offerings around those two features to provide you and other users with more valuable information and functionality. We also use cookies to highlight any conduct that may appear suspicious from a fraud or illegal action perspective such as someone seeking to login to the site with stolen login information.

c. Third-Party Cookies. We allow companies to issue third-party cookies through our website. These third-party cookies are used to gather data that helps us run and improve our business. For example, we use a third-party analytics program to analyze how people find us and what they do on the website when visiting. The analytics program will issue you a cookie to track this activity. The same is true for other companies such as our payment processor.

3. Managing Cookies

You can manage cookies through your browser in many cases. Visit the following links for the browser you use to learn more:

• Chrome: • Edge: • Firefox: • Explorer: • Safari:

You can also visit the National Advertising Initiative to manage cookies for large groups of companies:

• NAI: