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Hi everyone and welcome to the season finale of Midnight Carmelite season number one. I can’t believe we’re here. First of all, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to all you listeners out there in the world. Yes, the world and all those who have reached out through the contact form on the website. Just thank you. I mean, it’s great hearing from you. I can’t say anything else besides that. I mean, there’s just so much goodwill and just awesomeness that I’m just so thankful for. So thank you and I really love hearing from you all your feedback.

I’m again your comments mean really they mean the world to me. So I can’t thank you enough for all new listeners. Please enjoy the catalog of podcasts here. I hope some of them are helpful; hopefully all of them will help you grow in the interior life and be closer to our Blessed Lord. So with all that said, as some of you may know hopefully all of you. I’ve been mentioning in the last few podcasts that I wanted to change up the podcast format and really take this podcast to the next level.

I spent the last, you know, gosh few weeks brainstorming and working out this new format for the podcast and I finally settled on a format that I think everyone will really enjoy. However, with all that said, I need to work on creating and working with this new format and also I need to iron out some details that are still little details and also some immediate projects that are necessary for Luminous Tradition as a whole, not just for the podcast. So obviously today will be the season finale, the last episode of season one and it will conclude season one.

Today I will resume the podcast though on September 1, 2021 with season two. So again September 1, 2021 is season two. We won’t be without Midnight Carmelite for long, it will be about a month and you know, I hope you take the time to take what you’ve learned here and actually apply it because the interior life isn’t about understanding, it’s about loving and you know, I hope you take this time in the next month to really grow closer to God through mental prayer, through lectio divina, through things like that, and really wrap your prayer life up and start, you know, living the interior life.

So I just wanted to do a quick highlight reel, given that it’s the season finale and just kind of sum up what we learned this season. So one of the highlights I wanted to point out is we took one or 2 feasts from the liturgical calendar during the season and we meditated on a way that’s fruitful for prayer. You know, I was really trying to push with those episodes to show people what they can do in their meditations, how they can go through them using the liturgical calendar so that it is fruitful for your prayer life.

So you know, you now had an opportunity to not just talk about Carmelites but to actually meditate on something that will prepare your will for loving God more. The next highlight I wanted to talk about was I introduced you to the Dark Night and a lot of people call it the dark night of the soul, right? It’s really the Dark Night. And they do not really explain the Dark Night according to Saint John of the Cross’s understanding. So the Dark Night is not just a psychological phenomenon, although it does affect, you know, at certain stages, you do have psychological effects and it’s not something that’s experiential, like a kind of dispossession or despair.

My aim then with The Dark Night was to explain to you the Dark Night, give you a little introduction to it, as John said in his writings. So now when you hear or read other people mentioned the Dark Night in a way that’s akin to some sort of depression or despair, you now have an awareness that that’s not an accurate representation about his understanding of the Dark Night. The third highlight I wanted to point out is I mentioned attachment at least two or three times probably more.

And I wanted to use detachment to help you understand that it’s important according to St. John across his teaching, but it’s not the same thing as stoicism or monarchy is. Um, so I tried to explain detachment in a way that, you know, St. John of the Cross is understanding detachment is distinct from those teachings. And I wanted to show you that detachment is an important component of spiritual life, not the total, it’s not the entirety and that it’s important for attaining the unity of your will with the divine will of God.

Another highlight is I talked about topics that gave people opportunities to send me messages and to, you know, tell me what they thought and that, you know, like I said earlier, really helped me get a feel for what people want and what resonated with them and to make decisions about what to talk about next. And then another highlight was, you know, I wanted to make clear to you that there are certain things needed to achieve union with God. Some of the things that are involved in this, not all obviously can’t cover that in one podcast season and how you would start now to achieve some of the things mentioned, we specifically talked about virtues and building virtue.

That’s a great place to start and it’s so important for the spiritual life. So That’s pretty much it. You’ll see the new format when on September one Shell I’ll give you the low down and what’s going on. I hope you all have a blessed rest of your summer and I really look forward to talking to you again on September 1st, Hope you have a great rest of your summer and I’ll talk to you on September 1st, Take care.

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