God is the highest love we can have and is the guiding principle of life, yet many people, even virtuous people, never reach the spiritual perfection they need to attain union with God in this life, because they lack the courage they need to break away from their attachments.

St. John of the Cross laments about souls who despite having many gifts, even virtues, still do not make a complete break with what they are attached to, however small that attachment may be. He talks about how souls who may be full of spiritual wealth refuse to let go of one little attachment which prevents them from reaching their perfection.

Removing even the smallest attachment requires courage. The attachment might seem small and insignificant, but it is actually significant because it keeps us from reaching spiritual perfection.

Consider the attachments you have in your own life. Are you attached to anything that keeps you from doing what God has called you to? If so, identify what you need to do to break away from that attachment.

We all need courage to follow God. Take some time today or this week to look inside and find the courage you need to let go of any attachments that are keeping you from loving God fully and doing what he calls you to.

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